40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Water marble and Glitter topper

I don't tend to do water marbles often as I'm not very good at them but this weeks Crumpets Nails Tarts theme was glitter topper/flakie and my pattern prompt was water spotting/water marble. So I gave water marbling another try but used a different technique.

I started with a thin base coat of Morgan Taylor All White Now.

Then for the marble I did alternate drops of All White Now and Boudoir by Ciate. I drew my pattern in the water with my Pure Color Water marble tool. Then I left it to dry for a few second and dipped my stamper into the image. When I lifted the stamper out of the water, the marble had transferred to the stamper head.
I left it to dry again for a little while and then added top coat to it. Once the top coat was dry I peeled it off the stamper and it was now a decal! So I applied to my nail and top coated. It's seems a long way around I guess but was so much cleaner and easier to do. 

I added Hologram Diamond by Le Chat for the glitter topper.

I think this water marble has turned out very Christmassy! Like a swirly candy cane :)

What do you think? Don't forget to check out all the other glitter/flakie topper manis below.

Bye for now x

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