40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Teal

I have something exciting to share with you guys today! Debbie, AKA The Crumpet, has been creating challenges for a few years now and this is the first year I am taking part in one and it is called 40 Great Nail Art Ideas. One week there will be a nail art theme and then the next week will be colours and patterns. I took the option of just taking part every other week, with it being my first challenge I don't want to take on something that I can't complete lol. So my weeks will be colours and patterns and today is my first post!

This weeks colour is Teal and my pattern prompt is Swirls. I recently bought the Sephora Formula X Infinite Ombre Nail Design Set from a friend and one of the colours was called Timeless Teal so I had to use that. For my base I used the Platinum Prime which is a chrome base for the colours in this set to really make them pop.

As I was using nail stencils I had to apply a top coat before hand. I used Square Spiral Stencils from She Sells Seashells (who are now the UK supplier for Uber Chic by the way - awesome!). Once my top coat had dried for 15 minutes I applied them to my nail and went over them with Timeless Teal and peeled off right away.

Then I did a final coat of HK Girl Fast dry top Coat.

So what did you think of my interpretation of Teal and Swirls? Does it fit the bill?

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Bye for now x

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